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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Plan to vote BLUE this year to keep the garden state GREEN!

Preserve Delaware Township’s Rural Character

• Continue to support open space/farmland preservation funding

Make Government More Accessible

• Use live-streaming technology to make meetings more accessible to the community

• Provide timely and thorough minutes of all Township committees and commissions on

the Township website

• Add a second Township Committee meeting per month with agendas published

in advance to allow open discussion and input on topics of interest

Encourage Participation and Volunteerism

• Fill all vacant board and committee positions

• Encourage use of volunteer advisors on boards and committees

Promote Fiscal Responsibility

• Encourage committees and commissions to apply for all appropriate grant


• Actively seek and engage in cost-sharing opportunities that can reduce budget


Delaware Township is a beautiful place to live, it takes hard work to keep it that way. Vote for Lockwood and McCrohan!

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