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Get to Know Our Candidates

It is no easy feat to preserve the quality of life that Delaware Township provides. One doesn’t need to go too far to see where shopping centers, condos and townhouses, multi-lane roads and paved lots have consumed towns, farms and fields. While we straddle a busy world of conveniences, those of us who live here know it's the air, open space and peace of Delaware Township that restores us and makes us truly feel home. 


That’s why we need candidates like Susan Lockwood and Peter McCrohan
on the Delaware Township Municipal Committee. They have the knowledge, understanding and vision for maintaining the character of the community and creating economic and agricultural opportunities based on that character. They listen to concerns, and welcome new ideas and volunteers who want to both preserve and build a better Delaware Township for everyone. 


Susan Lockwood


Susan has years of experience in decision-making on behalf
of the Township, as a member of the Township Committee
and three terms as mayor.

    My Story

    Delaware Township’s beauty and quality of life drew Susan and her husband, Russ, to the

    community nearly 40 years ago. As a resident, she immediately understood that the open,

    bucolic environment was not something taken for granted. Shortly thereafter she began her

    tenure as a public servant determined to protect the character and nature of the township for
    the future.

    “Delaware Township is a great place to live,” says Susan. “We are blessed with abundant

    farmland, wide-open spaces, a good school, a sense of history and a safe community. But these

    attributes didn’t happen by accident. There’s a lot of time, hard work and yes, money that has

    been invested to keep our community green and free from overdevelopment that has impacted

    many neighboring areas.”

    During her tenure on the Township Committee and three terms as mayor, Susan diligently

    worked to find practical solutions to address the needs and concerns of residents and the

    regulations and requirements mandated by county, state and federal governments while

    minimizing the impact on taxpayers.

    “Smaller townships like Delaware are often overlooked in favor of larger, more populated areas.

    We are expected to perform the same duties and comply with many of the same regulations as

    big cities while lacking the same budget, manpower and equipment.”

    Among her solutions is collaborating on cost-sharing programs with other townships and the

    County. In addition, she advocates for the financial benefits of preserving the Open Space tax

    which help reduce the impact on infrastructure including roads and schools while promoting a

    healthier environment.

    “We face relentless pressures that could dramatically change the character of our Township. It

    takes courage, knowledge and vision to stand against the waves of development that have

    overtaken many neighboring communities,” said Susan. “I’m running for re-election to sustain

    the priceless vistas and quality of life we know and love as Delaware Township.”

    Over her years of service, Susan volunteered for the Environmental Commission, Planning

    Board, and Shade Tree Commission, launched The Bridge quarterly newsletter, coordinated the

    175th Delaware Township Anniversary celebration, and helped found the Delaware Township

    Historical Society. Susan fought hard for the successful defeat of the PennEast Pipeline project.

    She has been recognized for her volunteerism by Delaware Township and for her efforts as a

    municipal official by the Sierra Club.

    Susan has a Bachelors degree from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and

    a Masters from Penn State College of Agriculture. She works for the NJ Department of

    Environmental Protection as a specialist in land and water regulatory programs.


    Susan has years of experience in decision-making on behalf of the Township, as a member of
    the Township Committee and three terms as mayor. She has actively sought ways to reduce the
    financial demands on the Township budget and taxpayer, and increase communication between
    the Township and residents.


    During her tenure, she has been a strong advocate for farmland preservation, open space
    acquisition, and for environmental best practices. She has provided the leadership DT needs to
    preserve its rural character


    Susan’s exemplary record of volunteerism before and during her tenure on the Township
    Committee sets a tone in which volunteers are encouraged and valued for their participation
    and expertise.


    Peter McCrohan

    Peter has experience in serving as a board member in other jurisdictions facing high levels of development pressure, and has seen first hand the damage from improper planning and usage.

    My Story

    You’d think that for someone who’s spent a career in agriculture, they’d have a well-grounded

    position on which to run for the Delaware Township Municipal Committee.


    Peter McCrohan does. It's based on the respect and reality of the land he has as a farmer,

    coupled with a community-based vision for Delaware Township’s future that creates opportunity

    from its natural character.

    “Delaware Township is perfect for agriculture,” said Peter. “There’s great soil, a long growing

    season and nearby markets. I fully believe there’s a golden opportunity to encourage young

    farmers to set up shop here and be successful, at the same time they help maintain the rural

    nature of the township. It’s one way we can address the near universal sentiment across the

    township that preserving Delaware’s open space and environment is the top concern.”

    As a farmer whose living depends on many factors he can’t control, he knows first hand the

    necessity of being fiscally conservative, saying he does a ‘cost-benefit’ analysis on every

    purchase he needs to make. In addition, the importance of a long-range plan capable of

    accommodating unexpected contingencies cannot be underestimated. In Delaware Township,

    this translates to practical opportunities for more efficient use of taxpayer dollars that reduce the

    burden on township resources, increase safety and the lifespan of investments that are made in

    the community.

    He also hears from township residents that there’s a desire to know more about the business of

    the township, more transparency with agendas and minutes.

    “Not everyone can make the monthly committee meetings, but people still want to know what’s

    going on and have the opportunity to provide input,” said Peter. “When I see the broad range of

    knowledge, skills and abilities we have among our residents, I think we can all benefit by

    encouraging more openness and discussion than currently exists.”


    Peter holds a Bachelor’s in Horticulture from Cook College at Rutgers, and has authored

    several professional papers and articles on various aspects of horticulture, in addition to

    receiving the Norman F. Childers Award in Pomology from Rutgers. He was a member and

    chairperson of the Murrieta California Planning Commission, a member of the Murrieta Citizen’s

    Planning Committee and on the Board of Directors of the Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource

    Conservation District. Peter was recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Santa Cruz County

    Human Society.


    Peter has proven success in promoting innovative uses of farmland for high value crops, and
    sees the opportunity in Delaware Township for the next-generation of farming.


    He has experience in serving as a board member in other jurisdictions facing high levels of
    development pressure, and has seen first hand the damage from improper planning and usage.


    He is committed to spending the necessary time to solicit and obtain broader public participation
    and volunteerism.

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