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Our 2024 Candidates!

Hi to our Delaware Township friends - 

On Sunday at the Stangl Factory in Flemington, 189 delegates cast their vote for the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee (HCDC) endorsement of candidates for President and Vice President, U.S. Senate, U.S Congress for CD7 and Hunterdon County Commissioner. 

The results include: 

President and Vice President: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

U.S. Senate: Andy Kim

U.S. Congress for NJCD7: Sue Altman

Hunterdon County Commissioner: Dan Connor and Robert Parkanyi

The HCDC endorsed candidates receive the “county line,” a preferred position on the June primary ballot, giving them a significant advantage. Other candidates that stay in the race will also appear on the ballot in subsequent positions.  

The voting delegates were members of the HCDC county committee, including Democrats for Delaware Township municipal representatives, and Democratic elected officials. For uncontested positions, the vote was simply a verbal “yay” or “nay.” For the U.S. Senate - the only contested race - the winning candidate needed to receive over 50 percent of the votes, which were cast by secret ballot. If necessary, there would have been a series of elimination rounds to enable a single candidate to reach the threshold required. Congressman Kim won the endorsement on the first round with 120 votes. 

I am hugely excited about this stellar slate of candidates. We have witnessed the progress the Biden administration has made when supported by both the Senate and House. Congressman Andy Kim and Sue Altman have the energy, dedication and love of democracy to serve all of the people - not just a certain demographic that would prefer the country moves backward. This is Dan Connor’s second run for HC Commissioner, and has already exposed how the current Board has been holding over $43 million in surplus funds, which the Board of Commissioners is now saying they will return a portion of it to the municipalities. Robert Parkanyi is new to the county race, but appears to be focused and upbeat. 

Let’s pull together and help them win! 

Deborah Kline

Delaware Twp. Democratic Committee Chair

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