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Another Sad Goodbye!

Justice Alan B. Handler, a former longstanding member of the New Jersey Supreme Court, quietly died on May 23, 2024. He was 92. Over the course of his career as a judge, he authored close to 500 opinions, including dissents and concurrences. After his retirement from the Supreme Court in 1999, Justice Handler enjoyed spending time at his sheep farm in Delaware Twp. with his family and wide assortment of animals. He filled his days with reading in his library (often with a Giants or Yankees game playing in the background) and building innumerable stone walls on his property. He also became an adept sculptor, using members of his beloved breed of sheep, the Leicester Longwool, as models. We extend our sympathy to his wife Rose Handler, and his brothers, Professor Joel F. Handler and Mark Handler. He is survived by his three daughters, N. Nicki Handler (Chloe), Carolyn Handler (Stancy), and Julia Handler (Sally), his two step-children, Kara Foxe and Sean Foxe, and six nephews and nieces.

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